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Aerial yoga is a fun and efficient way to practice yoga asana. Hammock swings can be used in a restorative gentle session or strength and core based sessions.  Great for deep stretching and inversions.  Aerial yoga is safe and welcomes everybody and any level of fitness.  Combining the traditional aspects of Iyengar use of yoga ropes and exciting modern circus silks.

Aerial is purely AWESOME!

Using suspended yoga hammocks we work with gravity to safety, and without compression realign the spine and entire body.  It's a fun explorative practice that centers the mind and uplifts the spirit.  We can improve alignment, refine, and extend traditional asana using the hammock as a assistance tool with so many uses.

 The anti gravity allowance improves posture . Joint  and nerve spaciousness and health , decompresses the spinal discs  as-well as creating traction, detoxification of muscles, improved circulation, gain strength and muscle tone.